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Our Mission & vision

about us

Rare Disorders Kenya (RDK) is a patient led organization comprising of patients, parents and caregivers of persons diagnosed with rare diseases in Kenya. The organization’s main aim is to engage the various stakeholders in the country in efforts to address the unique needs of those living with rare diseases.

We are dedicated to serving the brave, but often solitary, heroes battling one-of-a kind conditions that affect only but a few in the population. We aim at bringing together different rare conditions that are represented in the country. We hope to rally enough voices so as to be heard by the different stakeholders in the rare community to see how we can better improve the quality of life of persons with rare diseases in Kenya.

We are dedicated to serving the brave, but often solitary, heroes battling one-of-a kind conditions that affect only but a few in the population

Educate and raise awareness

Educate and raise awareness among health professionals, media, general public and policy makers about rare disorders in Kenya

Improve the lives of PLWRD

Improve the lives of PLWRD by providing a support network, information and access to diagnosis, treatment and health services for their rare conditions


Work with the national government and other stakeholders to drive the best outcomes for Kenyans living with a rare disease

Promote research

Promote research on rare disorders in Kenya

The Team

We’re led by a team of passionate people who strive to empower the rare disease community. Get to know us.


Roselyn Kanja has been actively involved with the rare disease community since her son was diagnosed with a rare disease in 2017. This unexpected journey, coupled with the desire to learn more, led to the co-founding of Rare Disorders Kenya.

She combines her career in design management with her desire to support and give back to the Kenyan community. Her passion and fire to help those with Rare Diseases has enabled her to create awareness about the growing problem within the country and beyond. She is dedicated to ensuring that people with rare disorders have access to the treatments and care they require.


Christine Mutena is an immensely passionate advocate for rare diseases and special needs in Kenya and globally. These causes are deeply personal to her being a mother of two children, both of whom have non-related rare genetic conditions.

She is the founder of Step by Stones Association, and is also on the Patient Group Engagement Committee of the UK based Beacon for Rare Diseases (2021-2023 term).

Her life objective is to hone and use the skills and knowledge garnered through her personal and professional experiences to aid children living with disabilities live full independent lives with dignity.


Linda is a chartered development  finance Analyst. She has been an advocate for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups both locally and internationally through various volunteer opportunities.  

Since the diagnosis of her son with a rare disorder, she has immersed herself in championing the rights of people living with rare diseases (PLWRDs) and aims to continuously tap into her expertise in policy analysis, research and advocacy to ensure the best possible outcomes for both patients and their families.

Elizabeth Njeri Kihuha is an entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for rare diseases and specifically Myasthenia Gravis (MG) in Kenya. These causes are especially important to her as she is a person living with MG since diagnosis in 2010 and has been managing the condition to date.

Elizabeth’s mission statement in life is to contribute to society and to serve others

Grace Njoroge is a trained geneticist, science communicator, STEM advocate, and Rare Disease advocate. In her line of work, Grace has engaged the public by fostering genetic literacy and explaining complex scientific concepts in plain, understandable language through articles and blogs. Grace is presently working in the field of human genetics and navigating the uncharted waters of obtaining the certifications necessary to become the first certified Genetic Counselor in Kenya.
She is also interested in mentoring, particularly for young girls.


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